• Busco Beach & ATV Park (map)
  • 1234 Bryan Blvd
  • Goldsboro, NC, 27530
  • United States

First Annual Winterfest! This will be a X/C style race for sXs, UTV's, and ATV's. $4,500 cash pay out!  ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES  2/26/14.  Click here to register:  https://www.xtrm.com/web/Promoter/Event/EventInformation.aspx?Vm0OmI%2FrZBepyvTuQ1hWGg=%3D




Friday night under the lights TT
6:00PM Registration Open
6:30PM Practice 
7:00PM Heats
8:00PM Mains 
Saturday day time X/C race $4,500 Purse 
10:00AM Sport Quad Beginner
10:45AM Sport Quad Money Class 
12:00PM ATV 4x4 Beginner
12:45PM ATV 4x4 Money Class 
2:00PM UTV Beginner
2:45PM UTV Money Class 
4:30 Awards 
5:00PM BBQ Dinner 
6:00PM Bondfire
Sunday Ride the Busco Beach and ATV Park


NOTE:  Spectator, race entries, and race specific fees unrelated to camping or riding in Busco Beach park are to be paid to Extreme Promotions & Races All camping fees and Busco park riding fees are to be paid to Busco Beach.  To reserve overnight camping or r/v sites please call 919-222-9614.  


This $15 fee is paid to Extreme Promotions & Races.  You will be required to sign an event specific waiver and will be given an armband in return.  Without your arm band you can not enter the pits, the race track, or race specific activities.  Without your armband you will not be able to attend the Saturday BBQ festival or bond fire.  You will be required to show your arm band to go through tech inspection or enter the race track/course.  If you choose to camp near the race track but are not there for the race you will still be required to pay the $15 fee to Extreme Promotions.  If you are seen near the race track/course, in the pits, or at any race specific activities without an armband you will be made to leave.

Friday TT Classes:

  • $45 ATV Unlimited 75% Payback
  • $35 ATV Amature 50% Payback
  • $35 ATV Mini 50% Payback
  • $45 UTV Unlimted 75% Payback

Saturday X/C Classes:

  • $85 UTV Unlimited Money Class $2,500 Purse!
  • $40 UTV Beginner Class 50% payback
  • $65 ATV Sport Quad Money Class $1,500 payback
  • $40 ATV Sport Quad Beginner 50% payback
  • $45 ATV 4X4 Money Class $500 payback
  • $40 ATV 4X4 Beginner 50% payback

NOTE: You can NOT sign up in both the beginner and the money class, you must choose one or the other. ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES 2/26/14.  Racer #'s are on a first come basis.